[Healeys] Starter Solenoid Guidelines help required

Mark Donaldson ardmorebusiness at xtra.co.nz
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Nell's black tri-carb - HBT7L/17600 - January 1962 - has the later type solenoid (with the metal holding strap) also.  The car is very original.



Ardmore, NZ



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My 1962 tri-carb # 18617 – May 1962 - has the later type solenoid.  I am virtually certain that it is the original – I am the 2nd owner, bought the car with some 45,000 miles on it approx 24 years ago.  The entire car is very, very, original.


It could be that the later solenoid start point was at the BJ7 introduction, which was before this car was built.  Which would mean that all top shift tri–carbs (both BT and BN7’s) would have the late type solenoid. 


Interesting stuff!


Earl Kagna
Victoria, B.C.
BJ8, BT7 tri-carb


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Thanks to all who responded to this question. 

It seems likely that the early cast body solenoids were fitted until the end of "roadster" production. 

If anyone has a pre '63 car that has an original pressed steel solenoid I would appreciate hearing from you.

Michael S 


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I am sending a picture of the starter solenoid from my AH 3000. I have replaced the solenoid in the picture but I believe it to be the original solenoid. It has the cast aluminum body but I could not see any part numbers. This is the car it was removed from:


AH 3000 Mk 1 BT7

Chassis number 13154

Date of build Oct 28 - Nov 2 1960


I have a question. Are bellows type thermostats still available and can you suggest a source?







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​Oh wise ones!!!

I'm working on the revisions to the Concours Guidelines for 2018 and have a ​question that some of you may be able to help with.

Prior to about 1958 the starter solenoid used in Healeys was Lucas part number 76411. This type of solenoid can easily be identified by having a cast aluminum body as on the left on the pic attached. 

Later cars and all subsequent Lucas replacements had a pressed steel body as illustrated on the right.

The change point is not noted in any of the parts books that I have. 

If anyone has an original car with its original solenoid from around that date I would appreciate hearing from you with the serial number of your car and the solenoid type fitted.

Michael Salter

Concours Guidelines Editor.


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