[Healeys] Bellows Thermostats

Harold Manifold manifold at telus.net
Sun Sep 3 10:16:11 MDT 2017

I am in the process of putting my AH 3000 engine back together and went
looking for a recommendation for the engine thermostat. I was expecting to
find a recommendation for the opening temperature but instead found
information that recommends a bellows type thermostat should be used and the
bellows is important or some of the coolant can bypass the radiator when the
thermostat opens. If a bellows type thermostat is recommended is the correct
type either the Smiths 85025 series or the AC Delco TF series? Is there a
modern replacement bellows type thermostat that fails in the open position?
Your comments and insight is welcomed.
1960 BT7
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