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I have Maniflo headers from the UK that have had ceramic coated that is supposed to contain the heat ?

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Have you considered coating the exhaust manifolds, so as to conduct the heat down the exhaust system, as opposed to allowing the manifolds to be their usual heat radiating selves?


I’m still thinking a winter project will be getting mine coated [Jet-Hot, etc.].


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My BJ8 seems to perform better with the increased O2 of lower

ambient temps in the evenings and mornings. There even seem to be fewer 

rattles squeaks and groans too !

I have an oil cooler, electric rad. fan oil temp gauge and standard rad.

Whenever I spend more than say 20 mins in traffic after the engine oil is

already up to temp, the idling is impacted due to what must be due to 

increased engine compartment air temp, and the HD8 mixture becoming too rich for that


So I decided to do some crude testing, and installed a temp. pick up near

the rear carb intake.


In an ambient of around 85F and sustained cruising at around 60 MPH – elec.

rad fan off

Water is 190F

Oil is 165- 170F

Engine compartment is around 130F


At same ambient and elec. fan now on and after 25 mins idling in traffic

Water is 200F

Oil is 180 F

Engine compartment is over 155F and idling has to be nursed to avoid

stalling. This must be a build up of exhaust heat with no exit path.


Have tried to compromise with mixture settings but not yet found a sweet 


So l was wondering if anyone has tried to improve engine compartment venting 

and how ?

Assume this why some cars have louvers on hood or side of car.

Ideas comments welcome.


On a similar thread has anyone used the cold vent air to bring cooler air to 

the carb intake area when cruising  ? Results ?



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