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Harold Manifold manifold at telus.net
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Thank-you all for the good suggestions. I am planning to try this Robertshaw
thermostat and will keep you apprised of developments.
FlowKooler 330-180 - FlowKooler Robertshaw Series High Performance


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Slightly OT, but I think we owe Moss--in particular, Michael Grant, who I
believe writes most of them--some gratitude for producing these tech tip
docs.  They have really helped me out several times; I just found one that
explains an ingenious--one of those techniques that has you slapping your
forehead because you didn't think of it--way to set the 'steady posts' in
drum brakes correctly.

If you make a phone order from Moss you might mention how helpful they are,
so they keep them coming.


On 9/3/2017 11:19 PM, Alan Seigrist wrote:

Hey Harold - 

With the bellows type thermostat, your car will definitely heat up faster
and run cooler, but the bellows type isn't ideal because when it fails, it
fails in the closed position.

Here's a good article explaining which type you want.  Moss 434-155 is a
better unit, but only available in 160 deg (I think).  For six cylinder cars
160 deg thermostat is good enough for most climates south of the mason dixon




On Mon, Sep 4, 2017 at 12:16 AM, Harold Manifold <manifold at telus.net> wrote:

I am in the process of putting my AH 3000 engine back together and went
looking for a recommendation for the engine thermostat. I was expecting to
find a recommendation for the opening temperature but instead found
information that recommends a bellows type thermostat should be used and the
bellows is important or some of the coolant can bypass the radiator when the
thermostat opens. If a bellows type thermostat is recommended is the correct
type either the Smiths 85025 series or the AC Delco TF series? Is there a
modern replacement bellows type thermostat that fails in the open position?
Your comments and insight is welcomed.
1960 BT7

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