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Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Wed Nov 29 01:29:34 MST 2017

The original sender/bi-metal gauge combination of this kind should work 
fine and is reasonably accurate. The earlier coil gauge is a different 
matter. It does not really give a steady reading. You cannot mix the 
sender for the coil gauge with the bi-metal gauge and v.v.
The sender can have the rare fault with earthing or a broken coil but it 
is easily replaced. Another often overlooked problem is the 10V voltage 
stabiliser that serves the fuel gauge and the temperature gauge. This is 
a small metal box usually attached to one of the instruments. The 
bi-metal keeps the average voltage at 10V. It is not very stable but 
fairly durable. If faulty it can better be replaced by a solid state 
device. If both temperature gauge and fuel gauge are erratic, replace 
the voltage stabiliser.
Kees Oudesluijs

Op 28-11-2017 om 22:27 schreef Roger Grace:
> For interested listers ...
> Ever since I acquired my BJ8 I have been frustrated with the fuel 
> sender unit and gauge performance and reliability. Changed out the 
> sender 2x and many hours fiddling with gauge adjustment that really 
> with the dual attracted armature mechanism is a challenge. The MS 
> sender ground strap solution helps if you have a problem with crud in 
> the shaft bushes but doesn't help for bad sender coil winding or 
> slider contact malfunction.
> So. I embarked on a mini science type project to do a full replacement 
> with a capacitive electronic fuel probe and a modern stepper motor 
> type of gauge. The biggest challenge was getting the probe to fit into 
> the original sender unit opening. Our tanks have a 6 hole flange and 
> modern cars use a 5 hole SAE bolt pattern and an adaptor wasn't 
> feasible. In the end used a probe with 1/8 npt and remote electronics. 
> With careful arrangement of the Al mounting flange that had to be 
> made, was able to get the probe to also measure the fuel in the small 
> well at the bottom of the tank before recording E. Next time would do 
> slightly differently to account for the dead zone at top of the tank 
> that caught me out.
> I had a Smiths look alike gauge built but with a modern 5V stepper 
> motor drive. After numerous hiccups along the way, have now got it 
> working satisfactorily ... after spending far too much time (and $) on 
> it as well ! Will verify final accuracy on the road next Spring !
> See a few pix; if anyone wants more details - contact me directly.
> gauges are: original/new sm/aftermarket sm cheepo for testing
> rg
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