[Healeys] Ignitor VS Ignitor II

A H List austinhealeyslist at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 14:56:43 MST 2017

The Ignitor 11 module is physically taller and does not fit into the
space between the rotor and base plate so unless they have changed the
design recently it won't be available for our distributor.

I fitted one into a Lucas distributor about 12 years ago and it is
possible but not recommended. I had to drop the base plate down about
1/4" and grind some plastic off the rotor to get clearance. The
ignitor 11 addresses the issue where at high rpm there is insufficient
time to fully charge the coil between sparks and the output is
reduced. It uses a low impedance coil and variable dwell time which
means the coil is only ever on for a few ms and there is no risk of
overheating it by leaving the key on as with conventional points or

For everyday driving there is no noticeable difference in performance
between them.


On 11/28/17, Stephen Hutchings <s.hutchings at rogers.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,I know we recently had a thread about the pros and cons of the
> Petronix ignition solutions, but was there any consensus as to whether the
> Ignitor II was suitable for the Healey...or was the tried and true (to
> some!) original Ignitor a better route.
> Thanks Stephen, BJ8

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