[Healeys] Another question about tires

WILLIAM B LAWRENCE ynotink at msn.com
Tue Nov 14 20:49:47 MST 2017

My Vredestein 185HR15s were just delivered by UPS. I decided to go with these tires because they should not rub as much as my 195/60-15 Michelins did and they are a full 2" taller which means my belly won't be rubbing the ground as much.

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Gary, I now run Vredestein Sprints in the original size of 165x15 on my BT7.  However, for many years I used Pirelli Cinturato 185x15 tyres. This was probably because this is what the former owner used (he was the first owner of the car).  I recall him telling me he bought them used from a friend and they came off a MkII Jag.  When I replaced them I bought the same size.  I ran them far too long, probably 20 years, before getting the Sprints.  I like the way the 185s filled the wheel wells and they ran and handled just fine.  I recall that the passenger side tyre just caught the inner wheel well on full left lock, and when I heard it rubbing I would unwind the steering a tad.  Bottom line, I think it was mostly aesthetics for me.

Regards,  Mirek

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I am running Vredenstein 185 X 70x r15 on my BN7. Also using 72 spoke rims and inner tubes.

When I needed tires 8 + years ago I did not find any satisfactory 165's readily available. As a "barn find" in your neighborhood of Los Altos, the car had 25 year old 165 Pirelli Cinturados

With tubes. Tried to replicate but no luck. I don't recall what Coker was offering back then but I seem to think nothing that would work.

Richard Collins

BN7 #440

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I'm currently researching an article on tires for the Austin-Healey magazine. Would people who are not currently using the original size tires (5.90/15 and 165/15) please tell me what tire size you are using and on what wheel width, and why you chose not to use the original size wheels and tires?

Thanks for the information.


Gary Anderson
Los Altos, California

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