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Earl Kagna kags at shaw.ca
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Interesting!  I am currently dealing with exactly the same problem.  I 
installed urethane suspension bushings in conjunction with a full 
restoration of my BJ8 which was completed 5 - 6 years ago.  I did this 
because at the time, the quality of replacement rubber bushings was 
questionable.  The bushings started to crumble - first the rear spring eye 
bushings which were replaced with whatever rubber ones that I could get, 
then the front upper trunion bushings - I noticed some blue coloured bits on 
the garage floor just inside of one of the wheels.

Replaced them with rubber - they had to be modified (filed) to fit.  Real 
crap! I had a close look at the lower a-arm bushings at that time - they 
seemed to be still okay, but I understandably don't trust them.  So I am 
just beginning the research on the best quality rubber bushings that I can 
find, and will replace all the front ones on the car this winter,

If anyone one this list can contribute information on Healey bushings, I 
would appreciate any input.  In the opinion of all the people that have had 
a look at the removed bushings - there wasn't much left of the rear spring 
eye ones - they were simple poorly made.  Wrong urethane formulation.  I 
still have the remains of the upper trunion ones on my workbench, and can 
photograph them if anyone needs me to do that.  These are Noltec crush tube 
style bushings from Australia - the company is no longer in business.

Any comments sincerely appreciated!

Earl Kagna
Victoria, B.C.
BJ8, BT7 tri-carb

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When I did my frame off restoration 5 years ago, I installed blue poly 
bushings on everything in my 67 BJ-8 . I live in Florida now , car always 
garaged, only put about 400 miles a year on the car , no rallying, Just car 
shows miles. My problem is the poly bushings are disintegrating. I’ve had to 
replace the leaf spring bushings, I used regular black ones from moss. Now 
the ones on my new leaf spring ends are crumbling. Is this a problem with 
poly bushings?  If so am going to have to replace them all? Short money for 
the replacement bushings but a ton of work . Has anyone else experienced 
this ?  I purchased them from AH Spares .
   Thanks , Don 67 BJ-8
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