[Healeys] A very interesting BN2

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Nov 13 11:12:31 MST 2017

Well, it's not my cup of meat, and I can't see it going for over $60K, 
if that.  A really clean, original BN2 would go for at least that, and 
the VIN plate for a 100M would go for twice.

Not a well-considered resto-mod, IMO.  I'd buy a really clean BN2 that 
has been fitted with alloy head, extractors, bigger carbs, etc. if done 
tastefully--without trying to pass for a 100M--and have a great 
'sleeper.'  The brake upgrades are certainly nice, but the white wires 
only look good on 100Ses (stock silver would go better on this car).   
The body work--outer sills (flat bottom, not Kilmartin) and 
doglegs--hasn't been fitted well (as one of the commenters pointed 
out).  Alternator not necessary,  and instead of the cold air box I'd 
fit some K&Ns or equivalent (I'm considering doing this on my 100M, as 
the CAB is a PITA).  You DO want a heater, as I used mine just the other 
day when I got caught on a cool day without a jacket (unfortunately, I 
hit a deep pothole with the heater running and now the heater is making 
a 'tinkling' noise).  Interior is nicely done.

AFAIK, DWR doesn't make 'Denis Welsh 10.5:1 flat-top pistons;' Welsh 
sells pistons in specific diameters, the compression ratio would be 
determined solely by bore and combustion chamber size. And what, 
exactly, is a 'high-lift crankshaft?'

I would like to know how he crammed the Vredestein in the boot pocket.


On 11/13/2017 7:19 AM, Jean Caron wrote:
> Gary,
> Difficult to predict, but judging by the comments section, there is a 
> lot of excitement about this car. From the outside it presents well 
> and while there has been several modifications made to make it "more 
> driveable", not sure as to what has been done to the chassis/frame to 
> start with especially after it was a race car. Certainly does not 
> appear to have lots done to it since it is still painted black but 
> with very little photos of it, difficult to assess.
> But it sure looks good.
> Jean
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> How much would you pay for this neatly modified 100?
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