[Healeys] A very interesting BN2

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With so much about the car that is really nice, it's a shame that the bottom of the front fender on the driver's side has that dreaded straight line repair, rather than the subtle curve that it should have. The other side doesn't look bad.I always notice this because it's one of my favourite lines on the big Healey, and a lot of old restorations don't have it right.
Stephen, BJ8

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 <!--#yiv8710895402 P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}-->Gary,Difficult to predict, but judging by the comments section, there is a lot of excitement about this car. From the outside it presents well and while there has been several modifications made to make it "more driveable", not sure as to what has been done to the chassis/frame to start with especially after it was a race car. Certainly does not appear to have lots done to it since it is still painted black but with very little photos of it, difficult to assess.
But it sure looks good.

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Subject: [Healeys] A very interesting BN2 How much would you pay for this neatly modified 100?

Gary Anderson
Los Altos, California

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