[Healeys] 28% OD with 3.54 rearend

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...I had this combination in my BN1 based Ward Special coupe. Great on the highway (2300 at 100kph with Kumho 185/80R15s) but a pig on hill starts! Once I unblocked the A90 first gear it was fine.



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I had this arrangement for about 30K miles.  The OD was built by ORS in England with the 128% OD and a 1 ¾” accumulator.  With 165R15 Vredesteins 70 MPH was 2,700 RPM.  Last year the OD started acting up.  This was my third attempt at getting a reliable OD so I put in the Healey 5 Speed.  The proper non-turbo Supra 5 speed has a 5th gear ratio of .783, which is precisely the same as the 128% OD.  I now have the same high end gearing, but with a lot more reliability. If a car is to be driven a lot and for long tips, it is the way to go.

Ed O’Neal

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Anyone running this setup?  Pros?  Cons?


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