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Fri Nov 3 16:09:29 MDT 2017

 One comment suggested misreading -- In the new standards, we accept both bias-ply and radial tires for concours, without giving either one point differences, without deduction as long as they are the correct original narrow-width thread with tall sidewall size for the car -- 5.90x15 and 165x15. We have a standard deduction for any other tire size, we deduct for a non-matching spare, and we do not inspect cars with tires over 10 years old. 

The reasoning is that safety is paramount -- old tires can delaminate without warning, regardless of appearance, with life-threatening consequences -- and beyond that we prefer to see concours cars with appearance as close to original as possible with any part where the original brand is no longer available, and we do believe that all new tires from standard sources in the original sizes are safe and reliable for use in long-distance touring at highway speeds. 


Gary Anderson
Los Altos, California

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