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 I can't stress enough that tires can look just fine and still be delaminating between the tread and sidewall and the first warning you will get is a very brief period when you feel as if you're riding in one of those kiddy toys with the uneven wheels. Then the tire goes bang as the tube breaks through the opening between the tire and tread and your only hope is that you're already going slow enough so that you can countersteer to hold the car straight until you get to the side of the road.

Having had it happen to me -- with some Pirelli Cinturators that looked just fine but were over 10 years old, and having known a friend of a friend who was killed in his 1954 Jensen because he was on a highway at speed when it happened and he ricocheted off the guardrail and back into traffic.

So, drive at your own risk, but it's a real cheap change-over, that is going to be inevitable sooner or later, to put new tires on the car every 10 years.

And I raced on cross-plies on my MGA for many years and loved the gradual release allowing me to drift corners when necessary. But those were replaced every five race weekends or so, at a cost of $1,000 a set, as the tread wore down -- just an expense of racing. Unfortunately, the only bias-plies that are available in 590-15s in this country are made in BFGoodrich molds and have a distinctly American appearance.



Gary Anderson
Los Altos, California



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Here in Germany we have no general speed limits on  motorways and I have crossplys on 3 of my vintage cars and never had a problem. Crossplies can be as save as radials. Its the driver who is responsible for save driving. Its a different driving with crossplies, but that´s what its all about with driving a classic car.

I even haven´t heart of any tyre problem with older tyres as long as they are in good shape and do not have too many hairline cracks.. On my vintage Mercedes I have Michelin radials fitted which are definitely older than 10 years, but they still look good and I see no reason to take them off. I accept a longer stopping distance than with new tyres, but its an old car and there are many shortages you have to accept compared to a new modern one. 

Josef Eckert

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