[Healeys] cable

A H List austinhealeyslist at gmail.com
Mon May 29 15:52:03 MDT 2017

Does anyone have a pic of this mysterious washer? I have removed
multiple angle drives and never found a washer. Never had one fail


On 5/30/17, Darin Graber <dkgraber85 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello all-
> Just got done replacing the angle drive on my 100–6. Lifting the back of the
> tranny tunnel is the way to do it without completely removing it, some of
> the oil can always get on the carpet so be careful. You cannot get to the
> angle drive and get any kind of work done from underneath. From the top is
> the way to go. My speedo stopped as one of the cams that runs the odometer
> froze up and ended up trashing the angle drive.  Took the speedo in the
> tunnel apart, one new angle drive and a little bit of polishing of the cam
> later - everything is working.  I have also had issues over my lifetime with
> multiple angle drives shooting craps. Washer is a "have to".

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