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Mike S phoenix722 at comcast.net
Mon May 29 11:39:42 MDT 2017

Well, the cable is in one piece, and looks ok, still a nice square on 
both ends.  I will pull the right angle drive. Question.  If I remove 
the drive, will all the oil run out?  I hope not.


On 5/29/2017 4:21 AM, Tom Felts wrote:
> if it turns easily from the top, either the cable is broken---the cable is to short--or the other end of the cable has rounded out---or lastly--the right angle drive is broken.  Pull it all out and inspect all pieces.
> tom
> ---- Mike S <phoenix722 at comcast.net> wrote:
> =============
> Interestingly, the speedo was working fine, until one day it didn't.  No
> warning.  I decided to unhook the connection at the back of the speedo
> and see if the square end of the cable was rotatable.  To my surprise,
> the entire cable was not even connected to the speedometer.  Just
> hanging loose.  Since it takes quite a few turns to screw it on, this
> seems odd. Connecting it did not solve the problem. Anyway, the cable
> itself turns quite easily; does this mean the cable itself is broken?
> If so, I will have to pull each end out separately.  It's a real pain to
> get under the car, as it is an inch off the ground (it seems), and I am
> more than an inch thick.  Working from the top as Bob suggested sounds
> better.
> Mike
> On 5/28/2017 7:18 PM, John Spaur wrote:
>> Not sure what it takes to get to the back of the speedo but on my BT7 I
>> unscrew the cable housing and pull out the cable. A new one can be slipped
>> in if the housing is good.
>> John
>> '62 BT7
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>> Finally a question I can help with!  As a new Healy owner I've been lurking
>> on the list for the past few weeks, soaking up the questions and answers as
>> best a new Healy owner can.
>> Answer to your question Mike : from above.  Definitely.  Take the seats out,
>> remove the radio console and transmission tunnel, and all is exposed.  Did
>> this earlier today on our BJ8 to replace a missing engine/bell housing bolt
>> and did not take too long at all.
>> Bob
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>> Any hints on replacing the speedometer cable on my BJ8?  From above or
>> below.....?
>> --
>> Mike


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