[Healeys] Stripped Water Pump Stud - now fan belt size

Patrick & Caroline Quinn p_cquinn at tpg.com.au
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Thank you to those who responded about the stripped stud. Managed to remove
it by using an angle grinder to flatten two sides of the stud and then used
a shifting spanner (crescent wrench) to unscrew it.


I fitted a brand new water pump that has a slightly smaller pulley than
fitted originally to early six-cylinder engines. That went okay, but after
fitting the fan belt now find that the generator hits the steering column
due to the smaller pulley. Fitting a six-cylinder into a four-cylinder
engine bay has more complications than meets the eye.


There are two fan belts sitting next to me as follows:-


Dayco 15455 11A1155

Flennor AVX10X1150LA A5115


Both belts are recommended for fitting to a standard six-cylinder
Austin-Healey (not BJ8) with a length of 45.05 inches, width .44 inch and an
angle of 36 degrees. However these are now too long.


I have looked for a website that would allow me to punch in the length
needed (say 44 or 43 inches - open to suggestions) but can't find one. Has
anyone come across such a site or can offer advice?




Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia




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Had a half hour to spare this afternoon so I thought I would fit the new
water pump to the BN3's six-cylinder engine.


Of the four nuts, three tightened without a problem. but I managed to strip
the thread the stud thread on the fourth.


Normally I would use the twin nut method, but with the stud stripped that's
not possible. So what to do? My 40+ year old vice-grips (mole-grips) can't
handle the strain and I don't have a welder to weld on a nut, nor do I have
an extractor.


Was thinking about filing the end of the stud flat on two sides and using a
crescent wrench or what we call a shifting spanner. Any experienced advice
out there?


Many thanks


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia

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