[Healeys] This has me stumped - solution!

BJ8Healeys sbyers at ec.rr.com
Mon May 22 14:08:37 MDT 2017

The problem with my headlamps refusing to illuminate in spite of power to
them at their harness connectors and apparent adequate ground connections
was, as many of you suggested:  a bad ground.  However, the bad ground was
in a wire to the right front side marker light.  I soldered on a new bullet
terminal, and now all is well.  I'm still not quite clear on why this would
happen, since each headlamp has its own separate ground wire - although all
of the black wires in the front of the car are connected together via the
typical Lucas wiring connectors.


Thanks to all for your suggestions!


Steve Byers


BJ8 Registry

AHCA Delegate at Large

Havelock, NC  

TARHEELY license plate


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