[Healeys] Clutch bleeder?

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I was fortunate to get his clutch bleeder extension for my BJ8 before Mr.
Reid's untimely passing a few years ago.  To my knowledge, no one is
carrying on the production of these extensions, but it was the inspiration
for my attempt just within the last week to reproduce the idea on my MG
Midget.  My local auto parts store was able to provide me with a pre-made
hard line with fittings on each end to accommodate screwing into the bleeder
threads on the slave cylinder, and to attach the bleed screw to the other
end.  It works fine to bleed that inaccessible bleed port on the cylinder
from a point next to the clutch reservoir.  The only problem is that the
line is a copper alloy, which is susceptible to work hardening and fatigue
cracking from vibrations from the engine, and is a bit too long.  There is
no convenient place on the Midget engine to secure the line after it leaves
the slave cylinder and still provide access to the bleeder.  The excess
length required a few bends to accommodate it.  It's still a work in
progress, I think. 

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
AHCA Delegate at Large
Havelock, NC  

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  A while back there was information on a bleeder line extension for the
clutch slave cylinder...does anyone know the particulars of the
construction, such as length and fittings required, a picture perhaps?

  Also, the side curtains for my Longbridge BN4 have just been laying in the
boot for many years..would someone have a picture of the storage bag they
should be held in? The front brackets on mine look home made..I'd like to
see what they should really look like. Where the brackets removed for
storage so the side curtains could lay flat together?

  Thanks for the help,


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