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Is my memory playing me up or, having stripped and split the caliper, doesn’t one fit pistons while it’s still split? (Just the once, as one splits the calipers, say, every 50 years.)



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Hi Mike,
Installing those dust covers can be very difficult however with patience and liberal application of brake grease it can be achieved. 
First, as Greg mentioned it it imperative that both the grooves in the body are scrupulously clean. Scrape around with a dental pick to ensure that any rust is removed. 
Now insert the piston seal fully into the lower groove being sure to press it fully home with your thumbs. Apply a little brake grease to it.
Next insert the lower lip of the dust seal into the upper groove again being sure to press it fully home with your thumbs.
Now lightly  press the closed end of the greased piston against the dust seal and use a small wire hook to lift the outer lip of the dust seal onto the outside of the piston.
Now it will be possible to wiggle the piston  into the bore through both seals. DO NOT FORCE IT IN. LIGHT THUMB PRESSURE SHOULD BE ALL THAT IS REQUIRED. 
Finally use a dental pic to guide the outer lip of the dust seal into its groove in the piston. 
Only 3 to go...
Michael S 
BN1 #174
With 4 wheel drum brakes. 😊


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Mike, I had the same issue on my TR250 (same brakes as a BJ8). Spent the better part of a Saturday trying to get them on, got a couple on, tore a couple, ordered another kit. The new kit was much easier, though still a bit finicky, the rubber was slightly thinner and it made everything fit much better. I don't remember where I sourced either, but the first set was obviously not that well made. Also if you are working with used parts make sure the grooves and everything are cleaned out very thoroughly. Greg Lemon 68 TR250 ---- Mike Tobin wrote: > Hi, If anyone is still out there. > I got the caliper apart and cleaned (thanks all) and now I'm having trouble > getting the pistons in with the dust covers. > I can get the piston in or I can get the dust cover seated in its slot in > the cylender. I can't get both. > If I put the piston in first I can't get the cover into its slot. If I put > the cover in first I can't keep it in position and while installing the > piston. > I know I've done this back in the day and I don't remember having any > problem (or maybe I just said "Screw It!" and only fit the cover to the > piston). > Cheers, > Mike Tobin, > Townsend, Montana _______________________________________________ Support Team.Net http://www.team.net/donate.html Suggested annual donation $12.75 Archive: http://www.team.net/archive Forums: http://www.team.net/forums Healeys at autox.team.net <mailto:Healeys at autox.team.net>  http://autox.team.net/mailman/listinfo/healeys Unsubscribe/Manage: http://autox.team.net/mailman/options/healeys/michaelsalter@gmail.com 

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