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The one thing that makes a world of difference to the cranking speed
is undercutting the insulation on the commutator. The Lucas
instructions forbid it big letters but hey, like those brake caliper
bolts which we must never undo, there is no good reason not to and
there are significant benefits to doing so.

Apparently the insulation between the segments is supposed to wear
down faster than the copper but in reality it doesn't and creates a
high resistance which equals slow or no cranking when hot.

On 3/17/17, Frank Magnusson <fmags at cox.net> wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> I had the exact same problem on my BJ8.  When hot (like stopping
> for,gas....) it would not turn over at all.  Cold it worked fine.  Just
> needs a rebuild.  Incidentally, I did have mine rebuilt locally and no
> difference, so whatever they did it obviously wasnt right.  I got a rebuilt
> starter from one of the major Healey suppliers and problem fixed.
> Frank
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