[Healeys] Throttle Springs

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Thu Mar 16 20:23:02 MDT 2017

I carelessly overstretched my old throttle return springs--2 of them on 
my BJ8--removing them before rebuild but thought 'No big deal; they're 
only a couple bucks apiece.'  So I bought new ones, installed them, and 
the resistance in the gas pedal is so light I'm not sure the car (BJ8) 
will be as driveable; i.e. the pedal 'touch' may be too sensitive.  
Since I replaced seriously worn throttle shaft bushes with teflon/nylon, 
the change may be due to that--I'm just used to pushing harder on a worn 
out mechanism--or, possibly, the repo springs are weaker (they DO look a 
little wimpier).  I haven't driven the car yet--maybe I'll prefer a 
lighter pedal--but has anyone else bought new springs and thought they 
weren't as, er, springy as the originals?


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