[Healeys] Starter

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Wed Mar 15 13:16:12 MDT 2017

Finally got my rebuilt engine in my BJ8 and started this weekend.  At 
first, it ran rough and backfired, but we spotted a secondary ignition 
lead shorting out--which probably caused the backfiring--and the timing 
was inexplicably set way retarded and once that was corrected it runs 
like the proverbial Swiss watch. Based on my scientific 
analysis--feeling the exhaust pulses at the tailpipe--this engine is 
making big bangs so the compression should be excellent (I'm hoping for 
160psi on all 6 or better). But--there's always a 'but'--my starter 
seems to have become impotent as far as cranking the engine when (both 
are) hot.  AFAIK the starter is original and not rebuilt and has nearly 
200K miles on it so a rebuild is likely in order but are our old Lucas 
starters up to motivating a fresh engine with good compression?  I 
really don't want to go with a gear reduction starter, but if the old 
Lucas whiffs what else can I do?



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