[Healeys] BN1 Steering Box Overhaul

wilkmanracing at aol.com wilkmanracing at aol.com
Sat Jun 17 12:40:10 MDT 2017

 Among the cars in my stable are some post war Austin sedans, Austin A40 Devon and Dorset. I understand these cars use the same steering box as the early Healey BN1. Can anyone recommend a shop that can rebuild such a steering box. I'm aware of the Dennis Welch reproduction box, but I'm interested in a rebuild service.

Thanks in advance.

Bill Wilkman
Riverside, California



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   1. Facet fuel pump (Elton Schulz)
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Fellow Listers,
Can a Facet solid state fuel pump such as Model 40102 be used on a 
positively ground car?


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Not sure why you want to go that way. Normally these things last forever if you clean the contacts occasionally. If it has been wet or if a coil is fried all bets are off.

Bill Lawrence

BN1 #554

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On 6/14/2017 3:32 PM, Simon Lachlan wrote:
I?m hoping to get hold of a dead Lucas DB 10....the 8-way so-called ?Brake Switch Overriding Relay?. I intend to replace all its internal gubbins with a pair of modern relays.
So, it doesn?t matter if it?s dead...I suppose it would be nice if it looked half way decent, but that?s not critical.
Any ideas?

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From: Daniel White <healeydan at wowway.com>
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Thanks to everyone who advised me where to get the top cover. All good info. 
I spoke with Bob at Autofarm and ordered one from him. This now guarantees 
it will never rain when I'm out in the Healey. 

Dan White 
1962 BN7 MKII 

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