[Healeys] Braided steel fuel line for BN7

Bruce Steele healeybruce at roadrunner.com
Mon Jun 12 22:30:06 MDT 2017

I've an interesting dilemma.  When I got my car years ago, the fuel line was
cut off near the carbs-i.e., no fitting.  At the time, a rubber hose was
simple attached with a standard hose clamp.  Last time I had the engine out
in 2004-2005, I fabricated a steel fuel line, used a compression fitting to
attach it to the end of the vertical line, and installed a glass bowl
filter.  I was pretty happy with my pipe bending prowess for an amateur.
(See the attached photo.  And yes, I know I have a fuel line and glass bowl
sitting ahead of the engine mass, a clear fire danger in a collision.  But
it is aft of the steering box, so I figure I may burn up after I've been
impaled by the steering column.)  Anyway, the Moss BN7 fuel line at the time
was a 5/16 standard flare, and that was later replaced after around 5 years
with another 5/16 standard flare braided steel line, this one with black and
red tracers.  


The trouble now is that the BN7 flex lines I got from both AH Spares and
Moss have a different nipple inside the female connector; it's not a conical
flair, and while it seems to go on the fuel rail, albeit with some
difficulty, it won't fit on the 5/16 flare connection from the filter.  I
don't know what happened to the old flare style hose, but right now I'm
stuck using a 5 year old fuel line.  I'm investigating custom hose
manufacturers, but I wonder if anyone on the list has a source for the
braided lines with the black and red tracers, or any 5/16 flair braided fuel




Bruce Steele

Brea, CA

1960 BN7


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