[Healeys] Flasher relay advice please

Corning, Dan (D.C.) dcorning at ford.com
Fri Feb 24 20:29:05 MST 2017

My flasher was having trouble and flashing too fast on one side.  I went to O'Rileys auto parts, bought a Novita EL12 flasher and swapped the guts into the Lucas can.  Took my time opening the cans, fit perfect, flashes just right regardless of loads and it's brighter.  (Had to tap the screw threads into the terminals)

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Dan Corning

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This is a recreation of the BT7 wiring diagram in ladder logic format (there's one for positive ground and one for negative).  The only difference is the reversing of the coil connections to maintain the same direction of current to the spark plugs.  It is not accurate for a BJ8, but is accurate with respect to the "8-way flasher box relay", so maybe it can help you sort out the problem.

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BJ8 with combined side/indicators/brake lights. NOT the late phase II with the extra lights.
So,...the relay. By this I mean the round silver can with 1 wire from P to the dash, 1 from B to the 35 amp feed & 1 from L to T8 on the dreaded 8-way flasher relay box.
Now, the LHS indicators work and the RHS don't. Well, they've worked occasionally. My question is this:-
If one side works, then the relay works?? There's no way that the relay can function on one side only? It sends current down one wire only, so, if the LHS works, then the relay is doing its job????? Right?????

I remain very prepared to be confounded. My logic(?) usually fails when I'm in front of a wiring diagram. In fact, I would be thrilled just to be able to fix the problem with a cheap part.
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