[Healeys] Intake manifold finishes

Robert F. Begani RFBegani at speakeasy.net
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My BJ8 manufactured, has an unpainted intake manifold which I believe is
original because the car was produced toward the end of the era.  It cleaned
up very nicely with white vinegar, and was never grimy or oily on the
engine.  Along with the engine, a good washing cleaned it and the engine of
road dust etc. I have decided to leave it O'natural.


Bob Begani


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I believe the intake manifolds left the factory painted the same Healey
Green as the engine.  In any event, I painted mine with the Moss spray can
engine paint in 1999 and it's still fine.  The intake manifold doesn't get
that hot.  The key to any paint durability is how clean the surface is when
you paint it.


Steve Byers


BJ8 Registry

AHCA Delegate at Large

Havelock, NC  



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I'm interested in my options for finishing my intake manifold.  It was
powder coated clear 12 years ago, and the coating has yellowed at the head
flanges from heat, and over the years what look like rust spots have
developed in the powder coat, which is odd since the manifold is cast
aluminum (see the attached photo).


I'd prefer to preserve the natural cast aluminum color, and I'm not a big
fan of the chrome or polished look on the intake (my apologies to all you
out there with nice shiny intake manifolds-it's just not my taste).  I had
the exhaust manifold Jet-Hot coated in a cast iron gray 12 years ago, and
they still look great.  So, Jet-Hot coating the intake is one option, but
the color samples they sent me of their lightest grays are all at best a
medium gray; all considerably darker than their online color catalogue
indicates.  I'm going to call them Monday, but I'm not sure they have a
coating light enough.


I also don't want to paint it, as I know that won't hold up long term.  I'm
curious about blasting the clear powder coat off and leaving the manifold
uncoated.  How does the "naked" aluminum hold up to the heat?  What have
others done?  Your experience is appreciated.


Bruce Steele

Brea, CA

1960 BN7


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