[Healeys] Intake manifold finishes

John Vrugtman javrugtman at htcnet.org
Mon Feb 20 14:42:56 MST 2017

I use a high temp clear coat for mine, so far so good.  It does create a 
slightly different tone to the finish.


On 2/20/2017 12:55 AM, Bruce Steele wrote:
> I’m interested in my options for finishing my intake manifold.  It was 
> powder coated clear 12 years ago, and the coating has yellowed at the 
> head flanges from heat, and over the years what look like rust spots 
> have developed in the powder coat, which is odd since the manifold is 
> cast aluminum (see the attached photo).
> I’d prefer to preserve the natural cast aluminum color, and I’m not a 
> big fan of the chrome or polished look on the intake (my apologies to 
> all you out there with nice shiny intake manifolds—it’s just not my 
> taste).  I had the exhaust manifold Jet-Hot coated in a cast iron gray 
> 12 years ago, and they still look great.  So, Jet-Hot coating the 
> intake is one option, but the color samples they sent me of their 
> lightest grays are all at best a medium gray; all considerably darker 
> than their online color catalogue indicates.  I’m going to call them 
> Monday, but I’m not sure they have a coating light enough.
> I also don’t want to paint it, as I know that won’t hold up long 
> term.  I’m curious about blasting the clear powder coat off and 
> leaving the manifold uncoated.  How does the “naked” aluminum hold up 
> to the heat?  What have others done?  Your experience is appreciated.
> Bruce Steele
> Brea, CA
> 1960 BN7
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