[Healeys] Non Healey Question...Blower Bentley

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British version of a "Flux Capacitor" ;-)

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"To protect the blower from backfires? Just a WAG"
Sounds reasonable...BUT... I wouldn't be too happy about an air/fuel
mixture blowing out there, particularly with an uninsulated spark plug wire
next to it..... YIKES!!!
There isn't even a spark gauze.
What would Health and Safety have to say about that.
Michael S

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To protect the blower from backfires? Just a WAG


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[Healeys] Non Healey Question...Blower Bentley

​I was at the Ellerslie Intermarque Concours ​in Auckland last weekend and
had the opportunity to take a close look at a "1931 Blower Bentley".

There is a part of the engine that I cannot figure out and was wondering if
anyone on the list who can shed some light on this.

[image: Inline image 1]

Where the carburetors would be mounted on a non supercharged engine there
are these very complicated devices.

[image: Inline image 2]

I would guess that they are some sort of relief valve but, as the carbs are
on the blower inlet I don't think that is very likely.

Anyone know?

Michael S

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