[Healeys] Rear end clunk

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Thu Feb 16 07:33:26 MST 2017

Make sure the U-joints are OK. Even new ones can fail as not always the 
correct joints are supplied/fitted. Sometimes the spider is skinnier 
than the original spec ones with the external diameter of the cup being 
correct which can lead to rapid wear. May be the joints were not greased 
properly when installed.
If there is 1/2" twist either way and the UV-joints OK, this is to much 
and adjustment/repair of the differential/rear axle is at hand.
Also check wear on the hub splines although this would not really be 
noticed by turning the prop shaft.
Kees Oudesluijs

Op 15-2-2017 om 22:22 schreef Don Day:
> Hi list ,
>        I have a 67 BJ-8 , frame off restoration completed 5 years ago with maybe 2,000 miles sense . New u joints , new rear hubs , all shock mounts tight . The other day I started to hear a clunk coming from the rear ended , sort of a noise when the u joints are needing replacing. Mine are new. I jacked up the rear end . Grabbed the drive shaft and was able to turn it , maybe 1/2 inch twist either way , sounds like clunk noise was coming from the rear end , any thoughts ?
>       Thanks Don
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