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...sure it's purple with green (as opposed to green with purple?) the British Standard doesn't list a function for the former. The latter is for stop lamps




From: Michael Oritt 
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Subject: [Healeys] Wiring question

After removing the CAB and carbs for rebuilding I noticed an unconnected wire and an open terminal on the electrical lighting/flasher box. The wire is purple/green and the terminal is the topmost one on the rear side of the box--there is no no wire going to this terminal. The wire comes out of a small sub-harness along with a yellow/brown and green/yellow wire, both of which are connected to terminals on the rear side of the box.

The only significant change from stock wiring is that I have electrified the rear reflector pods and use them for turn flashers instead of having the one light handling side/brake/turn functions, but I cannot see that this correlates with having an open, disconnected wire at the control box end. 

The screw to the open terminal was loose, leading me to believe that the wire in question was connected to it, but since all of my flashers, side and brake lights are functional I thought I should try to find out the wire's function before reconnecting it.

Best--Michael Oritt
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