[Healeys] FW: Bolts & Screws - the firewall.

John Sims ahbn6 at verizon.net
Sat Feb 11 08:17:49 MST 2017




Can someone help Les with his questions. Thanks


John Sims


Good morning John,

I hope you got my note of thanks regarding my suspension issues etc. the
other day, if not let me know.


I love your site, but sometimes I struggle know where to start.


I live in east Gippsland, in Victoria - Australia. Miles from much technical
advice etc. And it doesn't matter what project I am on (with the Healey, an
old Ford prefect or my 57 year old timber cruiser) I always struggle to get
the right or accurate types of nuts & bolts etc.


I am in the process of installing a heater box in my 100/6. I have a heater
box & radiator which I have cleaned up & am sourcing other bits. The costs
of the bits & pieces new aren't bad except the blower & mounts. If you know
someone who has a second hand one could you please let me know.


Anyway that's not what I am really contacting you about.

There are many wires, cables etc. that go through firewall, clearly on mine
some are in the wrong place. (especially apparent when you are playing
around with the heater box).

Is the a definitive picture - diagram of the firewall detailing what should
go where?


And further to this, the heater box is held in by a number of screws/bolts
by what appears to captive nuts affixed the fire wall? Do you know what size
& type of thread these are. There are a number these throughout the firewall
supporting other bits. 


Thanks again my friend

Warm regards





Les Mathieson

4 Araluen Court

(PO Box 142)


VIC 3880




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