[Healeys] BT7 --> BJ8?

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The three ’63 Sebring cars were all BJ7s. The spare car (57 FAC) was sold to Austin Canada afterwards and was raced in that country.


It took quite some time to work out its history and that wasn’t helped by Austin Canada in period using photos of an earlier BN7 Mk2 in its advertising campaign promoting the success of 57 FAC.


BTW 57 FAC is now in Australia.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

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Hi Steve,

To answer your question....

This issue was raised in conjunction with the '63 Sebring cars which have convertible windshields and sidescreens.

Such a modification would require fairly major structural modifications. 

The upper panel of the front bulkhead would need to be replaced to accommodate the longer rear part of the convertible shroud. The convertible front shroud would be required to provide the correct profile of "gutter" for the curved windshield.

The front door posts would have to be changed to accommodate the convertible doors which have to swing away from the windshield to prevent interference when opened and closed.

The rear door posts have to be replaced with the wider ones to accommodate the thicker doors. 

Of course all sorts of "fudging " could be done but there would have to be compromises.

Michael S

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Beverly Hills Car Club has a car for sale that they say is HBT7L3678. The car has the features of a BJ7 or Phase 1 BJ8 and none of a BT7. Is it physically possible without major structural modification to create a BJ7/BJ8 from a BT7? Can a convertible windshield and doors be used directly onto a BT7 body?
http://www.beverlyhillscarclub.com/1...000-c-6836.htm <http://www.beverlyhillscarclub.com/1960-austin-healey-3000-c-6836.htm> 


Yes, I know it's easier just to put a BT7 VIN plate on a BJ8, but that isn't the question.


Steve Byers


BJ8 Registry

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