[Healeys] BT7 --> BJ8?

David Nock healeydoc at gmail.com
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This car looks like a pile of parts that got put together to make up a car.
    The rear shroud is BJ7, Phase 1 BJ8
    Carbs are BJ7
    Doors are BJ8
    Dash is a BJ8
    Front shroud BJ7 , Phase 1 BJ8
    Vent windows are BJ8
    Frame cut out for the exhaust is BJ8 late

Also notice that there are no front springs or plates, the rear end is not attached., the frame is CRAP

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While I no longer have my BT-7, the place where the top frame assembly fits on this car looks familiar…  On the other hand, it also looks like it has the mounting plate for a later style convertible top.  Is this a clue?


Also as regards your comment regarding major structural modification:  it appears the entire long frame rails have been patched or replaced for most of their lengths, as evidenced by the lack of weld beads, as well as the new beads where they were welded in.  is the frame work another clue?





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Beverly Hills Car Club has a car for sale that they say is HBT7L3678. The car has the features of a BJ7 or Phase 1 BJ8 and none of a BT7. Is it physically possible without major structural modification to create a BJ7/BJ8 from a BT7? Can a convertible windshield and doors be used directly onto a BT7 body?


Yes, I know it's easier just to put a BT7 VIN plate on a BJ8, but that isn't the question.


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