[Healeys] WTB BJ8 rear end housing

Wayne waschu2 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 13:49:38 MST 2017


           I have a 1967 Healey with bent rear axle tubes. While 
investigating an axle leak it became apparent something more serious 
then a bad seal or gasket was going on.   At a minimum I just need the 
late style rear end housing,  but  I might be interested in a complete 
assembly if someone has one for sale and does not want to disassemble 
it.  I live in Western Ct.  The plan is to try and straighten mine at a 
later date and not have the car apart any longer then necessary.  The 
bare housing is pretty light and can be shipped.  If someone has a 
complete assembly and not to far from Ct. I have a truck that I could 
use to pick it up with.   Picture are nice if you have one for sale.


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