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Most sealers will deal with light surface rust by encapsulating it.

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I have  a new to me 67 MGB that sat in storage for over 20 years. While the car starts, the fuel is stinky and gods knows what is in the tank. I bought a clean used tank, but it has some surface rust inside. I have heard from the MG group to use vinegar, muriatic acid or other stuff similar to the Healey list. I have used Por-15 products for other applications and would trust them. I have the last two weeks of the year off from work, and plan to clean and install the tank. Have a happy Holiday season and may our cars run sweet and true.
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Bob I’m chiming in real late on this one (finally getting time to reading old emails).  A few years back I had to line a gas tank from a Series 1 XJ6 (unobtanium new).  I used a POR-15 fuel tank sealer kit and was very pleased with the result.  Using the degreaser and metal prep is a must. If the pick-up tube/filter in the Healey tank is non-removable, this option would be a non-starter. However, based on Jean’s reply, I agree a new tank would be the way to go. (the late) BobE’65 BJ8 From: Healeys [mailto:healeys-bounces at autox.team.net] On Behalf Of Robert F. Begani
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Subject: [Healeys] Fuel Tank sealers Johns recent comment about his use of sealers on a fuel tank which lasted 15 years.  25 years ago when I bought my BJ8,  I had mine sealed inside and out with an epoxy by a well known local specialist Al’s Radiator in the western suburbs of Chicago.  I called them because of heavy rust plugging the full pump and carb filter.  They were surprised it lasted that long and recommended having it done again.  They are now a part of a rather expensive franchise program which has dealers in Florida.  However, I would like to flush and seal myself.  Has the members of  the list have any suggestions?  The tank does not leak and is original to the vehicle. Bob BeganiBJ8 ‘67

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