[Healeys] alternator conversion

Stephen Hutchings s.hutchings at rogers.com
Thu Aug 31 15:58:16 MDT 2017

New Problem:I purchased the alternator conversion kit recently from AH Spares, and the replacement voltage regulator/junction box for BJ8.When I had everything wired up, following the directions very carefully, I started the car and went for a drive. All seemed well, and a multi-meter told me I was charging at just over 14 volts.However, I've let the car sit for a few days and the battery is completely flat. Somewhere there is a leak- something is draining power.  Any suggestions? I looked at the WOSP site, but they refuse to deal with the public.
I also noticed that the warning ignition light didn't come on when I turned the key, but I had planned to get around to that...now I think there may be a connection.
Stephen, BJ8
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