[Healeys] Healey BN1 Head gasket

Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Wed Aug 30 00:36:41 MDT 2017

I have not put the head on my BN2 engine block yet.  It is an older crack repair that was done correctly, but the intake chambers had been augered out to facilitate the welding.  I had it pocket ported to even the air flow out and the CC'd for an even idle.  I was involved with the machining of the block and the head, so the two surfaces are a known quantity.  I will be coating both sides of the gasket with Wellseal to try to minimize the inevitible leak seeping out between the second and third cylinder.  I know the aluminum head is the best solution for the four cylinder head problem, but if the cast iron head works I can save 4 grand.  I will also check the water galley alignment also. Thanks for the heads up on that.Mike MacLean

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