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Assuming that you haven't been working on the motor or the wiper actuating
links, the most likely cause and the easiest to check would be that the
wipers are slipping on the splined wiper shafts, but I would expect that to
begin with only one wiper, not both at the same time.  Make sure the wipers
are fully seated on the shaft.  See if you can turn the wipers on their
shafts with the wiper motor off.  If you can, there's your problem.  If the
splines are O.K., then I would suspect a problem with the actuating rack or
gears in the wheelboxes, finally, the parking mechanism in the motor.



Steve Byers


BJ8 Registry

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Havelock, NC  



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Healey Gurus,


My 63 BJ7 wipers are giving me trouble and not sure where to start. They now
seem off the track, won't park and only wipe about 30 degrees of windshield.
Now progressed to attempting to wipe the bonnet? Suggestions from this most
valuable group sincerely appreciated. 




Dennis Gavin

Gavin Associates Inc

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