[Healeys] BJ7 Windshield Wipers

Al Fuller al at bighealey.org
Sun Aug 27 10:55:33 MDT 2017



The 'partial basket case' BJ-8 I bought did the same thing.  The P.O.
partially assembled the car including the wiper assembly, dash, windscreen.
When I went to use it, it did the same thing.  


After much investigation, it turns out the wiper motor has a built-in
parking adjustment in the form of a rotating housing. See attached picture
of a similar wiper motor.  The round part with the wire going to it rotates
when the four hex screws are loosened.


If the park adjustment is far enough off, it will try to wipe down on to the
bonnet.  It turned out that on my car the three screws securing the housing
had loosened [or never tightened by someone in the past].  I suspect the
housing vibrated to a position where the wipers no longer wiped just the


My advice is to kneel next to the car or get under the dash and see if you
can rotate the adjuster - it's on the top of the wiper motor housing on my
BJ-8.  If so, then you should be able to rotate it back to where it needs to


Securing all three screws while the unit is on the car appears to be darn
near impossible.  I will leave it to others to come up with a way to secure
all three without removing the wiper motor assembly, which is a lot of work.


Al Fuller

'65 BJ-8

'85 Rx-7


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Healey Gurus,


My 63 BJ7 wipers are giving me trouble and not sure where to start. They now
seem off the track, won't park and only wipe about 30 degrees of windshield.
Now progressed to attempting to wipe the bonnet? Suggestions from this most
valuable group sincerely appreciated. 




Dennis Gavin

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