[Healeys] Tool for removing SU carbs

Harold Manifold manifold at telus.net
Fri Aug 25 20:24:29 MDT 2017

The wrench you are looking for should be available through the link above.


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Any decent tool store will have a collection of various sizes of this wrench
in closed ended form, it is called a starter wrench around here. It is easy
enough to grind the slot in one end.
Kees Oudesluijs

Op 24-8-2017 om 23:13 schreef Bob Simmen:

Having just received the Sept. 2017 issue of Healey Marque Magazine, I
quickly read the Technical Service Bulletin article Big Healey, Big
Carburetors.  I will be mounting my rebuilt carbs in the next week or two.
On page 39 it show a picture of "Special tools required for nut removal"
(see attached).  Although I have a large supply of the tool on the left, and
the tool on the right is always on my workbench, I am in desperate of need
of the tool in the middle.  Does anyone have a part number and source that I
might be able to purchase this wrench.


Thanks in advance for your help.







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