[Healeys] Existential Question on Bearings

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If the bearings show no mechanical or heat (discoloration) or corrosion
damage when they are cleaned and inspected and rotate smoothly without any
"notchy" feel, then I would re-lubricate and re-use them.  I think most of
the failures that people have with bearings on the road are because the
bearings have probably been in service for who know how many years without
any re-lubrication or attention.  I've heard of such failures welding the
races to the spindle and preventing the wheel from being removed.  So, I
remove and inspect my bearings every few years -- usually before some long
The front wheel bearings (SKF) currently installed in my car were new in May
02.  They have 65K miles on them but have been re-lubricated twice since

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We've all probably lost a few of ours due to the state of the world, but I'm
referring to the important ones; i.e. wheel bearings, hub bearings, 
gearbox bearings, etc.   I'm fixing to clean, inspect and repack my 
front wheel bearings in the coming days, and I'll likely be faced with a
decision.  I don't recall exactly when I last checked them, but it 
probably was 50K miles or (much) more.   The 'existential question?'  
Well, should I replace the bearings on principle--even if mine have given
many years and miles of faithful service, and will probably appear
pristine--on the presumption that they have a limited lifespan and are
getting closer to that limit?

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