[Healeys] I really need some pictures.

David Porter frogeye at porterscustom.com
Wed Aug 9 10:01:05 MDT 2017

Well.... After studying a dozen good pictures, it is clear that the top 
in the Boras Motor website  ( 
http://healeyspecialists.com/making-a-complete-new-interior-for-a-bn1/ ) 
is not the Robins top that we get from Moss. The Boras header wrap is 
sans the secondary flap and it seems might be more prone to allow water 
to enter. Again the pictures just aren't conclusive. I had it done 
(almost) as the pixs Dave Nock sent, then decided to try the Boras 
method and it requires folding the flap back on top of itself in a way 
that just doesn't seem logical, given the Brits love of simplicity.. 
back to the drawing board.

On 8/8/2017 8:50 AM, S. Carr wrote:
> I'm sure Dave isn't the only one who'd find those photos useful -- I 
> certainly could use them too!
> Sarah Carr
> BN1 (still under restoration) in PA
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> Subject: [Healeys] I really need some pictures.
> Despite the excellent Moment/Anderson restoration guide there are no 
> usable pictures of how the 100 convertible top is attached with the 
> secondary flap at the header.
> Can someone send me a few close ups of the way it should be.
> Thanks!
> Dave

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