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Yes that is what I do, and meant by a few light taps compared to the 8-10 slogs needed to loosen them.

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Short answer: No. How did you come to think that a couple of light taps were all that was needed to hold your wheel secure? Hit them with your mallet until they stop turning.  But before that, make sure that you have lifted the wheel‎ up and into full engagement with the hub before lowering the wheel enough to keep it from turning when you hit the knock off. Turn the knock off as far as you can by hand rocking the wheel in a couple of directions while trying to turn the knock off.  Only then put a load on the wheel. It is time to worry when your knockoffs Loosen. Your car is just trying to keep you alive, Roger
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On my BJ8 with new MWS 72 spoke WW and hubs I find that the wheels are over tightening themselves particularly the front.
Have read the Rudge Whitworth self tightening info. but still not happy.
When I fit the wheels I tighten by hand then do a light couple of taps with my lead mallet.
After but a few miles I find that I have to really slog the spinners just to get them to move - the ol’ girl shakes all over.
It really is excessive and fear one day wont be able to get them to move at all – particularly on roadside.
What gives ?
Anyone else encountered this issue ?

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