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Hi Mike

Sounds like a great trip you had back in 2014.


A few years back we did a trip in Switzerland to take in as many passes as we could based first in Brienz and then in St Moritz. The toe in settings back then were wrong and after the Stelvio pass I noticed that the outside of one of the tyres was very scrubbed. Quite scary! They are now set correctly!


Hopefully the heatwave will have calmed down by early September


Thanks for your response


All the best




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I echo Kees in suggesting you keep clear of the motorways. My wife and I drove the BN2 from Scotland to Val d'Aosta in 2014 and entirely avoided all motorways and tunnels. The Grand and Petit St. Bernard passes were spectacular. The N and D roads in France, as well as providing wonderful scenery and great eating places were often fantastic driving roads, almost traffic free. It was a wonderful trip. My tyre pressures probably won't help you as I'm on 60 spoke wheels with 165 x 15 Vredsteins at 28 psi. The only issue we had in our 1600 mile trip was some slightly rough running in Italy. At first I wondered about the high altitude in the Val d'Aosta affecting the carburation, but we had come over the Grand St Bernard Pass without missing a beat. The problem cleared up as we drove back through France so, in retrospect, I blame a bad batch of fuel in Italy.

Mike Brooks

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Getting the car ready for a drive to the South of France taking in the Route

des Grandes Alpes all the way to Menton. Then back mostly on Motorways.




So the drive will be a mixture of Motorways and Mountain Pass Roads.




Question therefore is what Bar Pressure should I put in for the different





I have 72 spoke wheels all fitted with relatively new Vredestein Tyres

185/70, HR15, 89H




As usual I look forward to the benefit of your collective wisdom




Many thanks






BJ8, original Metallic Golden Beige




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