[Healeys] Rough running 100M

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Wed Aug 2 19:36:55 MDT 2017

Try a new rotor. 

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Hi folks – here’s one for you to ponder.  For the past many years I’ve raced my 100M without a problem.  Lately however at around 4500 RPM under load it balks and stutters running quite rough.  I’ve checked timing, changed the condenser several times checked carbs and all the other usual stuff.   When not under load it revs freely.   The motor has a billet crank, roller rockers, aluminium head, 100S pistons, lightened flywheel etc and regularly ran up to 6500 – 7000 RPM with no issues. It also has a Mallory distributor and is running 24 degrees of advance. Any advice on where to look next would be much appreciated. ThanksLarry Paterson100M, BN7, 
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