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Yes, when the Owners Manual names a recommended type of oil I use it when I 
still can get it, as this is what they used at the factory and they knew 
why they recommended it. Castrol or Penrite or Millers or even others still 
produce the right spec.mineral oil.
And these recommended oils kept my classic cars running for 50years plus. 
So why shall I use different and perhaps ruin my gearbox, engine or rear 
Sorry I still can´t believe modern synthetic oils are tested in 
Austin-Healey engines, gearboxes and rear axles and are formulated to keep 
modern engines/gearboxes/axles/etc.  of a much different design running.
For me:
No synthetic oils in my classic cars!
I like to have crossplies fitted to my classic cars of the 50/60s, but 
that´s my personal taste as for me it gives a period driving experience I 
I  can´t get the original paint anymore, so I use modern paint matching the 
original colour and appearance.
Sorry I do not fill in 50 year old air in the tyres (hard to get) and I 
have 2bars front and 2bars rear filled in.
And yes, I drive my Austin-Healeys, but not daily, as we also have modern 
cars here to drive in daily madness. Much more confortable by the way and 
better suitable to my daily business.
Josef Eckert
59 DaimlerSP250
50 Morris Minor Tourer
78 Mercedes 240D
and our modern Donkeys for daily business
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An: "josef-eckert at t-online.de" <josef-eckert at t-online.de>
Hey Josef,
Your criticism and sarcastic posts have finally arced me up to respond. 
So - if I'm reading your posts - from somewhere back in the 1950's - you 
don't use anything that isn't in the owners manual, or the driver's 
"And nothing else"
No synthetic oils? 
No modern tires/ tyres?
No modern paint?
Is that your point? Nothing that is not in the manuals from 50 plus years 
Tyres? Tires? 
Mk III drivers handbook
Radial-ply tyres (Dunlop SP41)
Size, 5.90 - 15 tubed.
Front, 20 lb. /sq. in
Rear, 25 lb. /sq. in
Maximum performance speeds:
increase all pressure by 5 lb./sq.in 
So that's what you run on your Healey?

That's clearly only ok in your book if you use 1966 air. Modern air is 
clearly not acceptable. 
Those are your tyres? 
Dunlop SP41
So your tyres are 50 plus years old. 
You whinge about this list every couple of years, because it's not 
technical enough for you. 
And yet you advocate not using oil designed or manufactured in the past 15 
So you run 50 plus year old tyres?
So why don't you write us a technical article advocating how oil/ tires/ 
tyres/ batteries/ etc have not changed /improved a Healey in the past 50 
plus years. 
Do you drive your car Josef?
Seriously. You call yourself into account by criticizing people who use 
modern oil etc and drive their cars. 
Write us a technical article. 
www.myaustinhealey.com <http://www.myaustinhealey.com>

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