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I see that the "spears" are on backwards, the heater blower housing in broken and not facing the correct way, the hose ducting is missing, the fresh air hose duct is missing on the driver's side and the reflectors are missing from the rear bumper.  The safety gauges don't look right especially the oil pressure should be zero with the engine off (note the tach shows no RPM). The rear brake drums are painted red instead of black as original. The vinyl beading is missing from the fender and shroud joint at the turn signal lamp area. The inside door release handles are clocked wrong. Looks like some "dental" work is missing from the grill on the sides. Some of the grommets are missing from the fire wall in the engine compartment. The shift lever boot is on upside down. The wire harness doesn't look right at the front cross member below the radiator I don't think it is supposed to be there. I don't see an overflow hose for the radiator. Odd they don't show the inside of the boot. What do you suppose is going on in there? Oh yea where is the front anti-sway bar?

67 BJ8

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New listing on the auction site in Quebec:

   Plenty of other interesting vehicles appear daily..happy window 

  Longbridge BN4....not shopping...NFI
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