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I suppose the diffs were set up per the manual? I forget what that involves, but it’s all in the manual. And you’ve all got manuals?

I looked around for ages and eventually found a diff from an automatic Westminster. I took it to a gears/diff place and they checked and adjusted the so-called “run-out” with some clever wotsit and it’s not made a noise since. Worth thinking about...at least for anyone who hasn’t put the 3:54 in yet?? It’s not so hard to do....you take the whole diff to the workshop. (Having extracted it first!)


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My Lempert set is noisy, too, and I've heard from others that have noisy gears.  Some gearsets--maybe it's certain ratios?--are noisy.  My dad used to be a Ford service rep, and he said the early Mustangs all had noisy rear ends.


Redline now has a 75W-110 diff oil, which they claim might help cut the noise, without the thickness of a 140.  I'm going to give it a try.





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I had the Lempert gear set installed in my 1966 BJ8  this year  put about 2000 miles on it.

I have a pretty loud hum at about 35-45 mph………the hum only occurs when accelerating…..when you let off it goes away.

Can someone tell me what is causing it ?     can the new gears be readjusted if that’s the problem?


Thanks in advance



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