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Mon Oct 24 12:14:42 MDT 2016

Perhaps I need to work on me to be more patient. As a European I am only 
guest and should keep me in the background.
For me its not those (new) members asking questions in need of helpful 
answers who wear me out. To help those is the meaning of this list and I am 
in first row to help when help is needed no matter how qualified or not the 
question is. All of us started with no or very little knowledge.
What is really wearing are some answers of people always need to tell their 
two cents even they have no idea of the problem. it looks like they count 
their own value by the number of postings they do.
Sorry, but I know I am wrong and the list is better than ever, but for me 
its no more the list I liked so much.
Thanks to all of those who try to keep the level high, but there are only a 
few left of the ones whose input I enjoyed.
Josef Eckert
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Of course you are right. Many very experienced listers have left the list 
(the loss of Rich Chrysler was mentioned already) or went more and more 
quiet (Garry Anderson, Roger Moment, Josef Eckert  ;-) , …).


As far as I can look back I am on the list since 2000. In the beginning 
only reading messages and sometimes asking questions. Lately even posting 
some of my little knowledge.


You as one of the more knowledgeable guys sure will no more get as much out 
as years ago. But now you are one of the valuable sources of wisdom that 
many would regret to lose. Especially knowledgeable about the 
continental-European view and problems. So I only can ask you to stay and 
share your wisdom.


Kind regards






Reinhart Rosner

55 AH 100 BN1

Vienna - Austria



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I suspect many listers left the list, as the quality of this information 
source went so much down over the past months and years.
This list was a phantastic pool of wisdom about 10 years ago, but nowadays 
most comming through is very low level to my mind.
Sorry, I am also very close to say good bye as its more wearing what I read 
than refreshing.
Just my opinion, but also the one of several Healey experts I know and who 
already left or just staying quiet and are no more active.
Josef Eckert


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