[Healeys] Correct Rocker Panels

Sun Oct 23 21:01:24 MDT 2016

Good information. It looks like I can proceed with my plan to buy Kilmartin rockers.

Bill Lawrence


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I just checked the rockers on our BN2 with a straightedge.  There is a very slight upward 'bow' on the bottom side of the panels, and slight curves inward at the front and back of the panels as viewed from above so, yes, there are compound curves (I tried to get some shots with my phone, but you couldn't really see the curvature, esp. with black coves).  These are Kilmartin pieces purchased from Moss, and I think they're the best available (I heard somewhere they bought some original tooling from BMC, or their receivers).  If you have a large order, it may be less expensive to order directly from Kilmartin, even with shipping from Down Under.

The bottom side edges are probably the most difficult to get correct on a Healey; they should be a continuous curve from the rear of the front wheel well to the front of the rear wheel well, as seen both from the side and from above.  I've seen otherwise nice restorations not get this right.  When you fit new rockers, you have to assemble the doors and front and rear wings (fenders) to get the best possible alignment before welding.  Also, sometimes rear dogleg replacement results in a 'spur' sticking out in front of the wheels.


On 10/23/2016 11:00 AM, Neil McDonald wrote:
I read somewhere online that correct rocker panels have compound curves...... which is obviously a much more challenging fabrication challenge. Is this what people like Moss, Kilmartin actually provide? If not are there alternative suppliers?
Neil McDonald

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